7th Annual Gala

Celebrating Young Canadian Performers

Nov 8  2020
river rock resort (Vancouver)
Canada's Original & most prestigious Awards For  Young Performers.


Joey Awards Mission Statement:

"To recognize young performers in Canada through awards, and educate their parents on keeping their young performers safe in the crazy world of Showbiz."

The Joeys Name

When developing these awards many names were tossed around. They were originally the Canadian Youth in Film Awards, but it was a mouthful and didn't roll off our tongues.
Looking at many other awards, they seemed to have a name.
So how do we choose a name?

A few were tossed around, and Joey stuck out.

Joey is a name for a baby kangaroo.
The kangaroo is known for for having a strong back bone to allow it to leap forward. We feel every young performer must have a strong back bone when facing more rejection than bookings, and in time, each performer leaps forward to their goals. The mother kangaroo also keeps their young close in their pouch for a long time, and our young performer's parents are encouraged to keep their young close and safe in this crazy world of showbiz.


The Awards

The Founder/Executive Director​

The Joey Awards goal is to reward young actors and actresses in Canada for their hard work and dedication to their craft. We offer a high quality red carpet awards gala, where each nominee will be recognized during our parade of stars. We liaison with the Canadian performing arts industry, and those in it, that have a direct and valuable contribution to youth working in performing arts.

The Joey Awards recognizes even the smallest of roles and bookings, as no role is ever insignificant. A young performer who books a job puts an incredible amount of work into the audition process, and should be recognized for this. No role booked is ever small!

By honoring the young performers, we also are bringing family and friends together to spend a quality day with one another, promoting how important the support of these people are in a child performer's life.

The Joey Awards works with many sponsors in order to achieve these goals, and provide quality acting scholarship prizes.

The Joey Awards will use a variety of adjudicators to ensure all entries are judged with honesty and fairness.

The Joey Awards also plans to educate parents of young performers on keeping their young performer safe, how to properly use social media and also keep their young performer's self esteem in tact in a business full of rejection .

Liz McKinnon has a background in the Vancouver film and television industry by handling a children's roster at a Vancouver talent agency from 2005-2013. She left the industry as an agent to pursue  event planning, but  still felt the yearn to be a part of the film industry in some way, and felt this was a great way to stay involved.

Her original background and college education was working with at-risk youth, street youth, youth in the sex trade and family crisis management. After an extremely stressful 10 years, Liz changed her focus to working with the talent agency.

She is also the Mom to Megan, a 23 yr old who has been involved in the industry sparatically (gotta love those braces and awkward stages) since the age of 4. Megan is a UBCP member and currently traveling the world, and while at home, she picks up some background work on various sets in Vancouver. 
Megan is also very involved in the running of the Joey Awards.

Liz has run large scale events across Canada for the past 7 years and is excited to see the Joey Awards grow from year to year.

In June 2017, Liz returned to the industry as an Agent/Manager and manages a successful roster of both Principal & Commercial clients in Vancouver.