7th Annual Gala

Celebrating Young Canadian Performers

Nov 8  2020
river rock resort (Vancouver)
Canada's Original & most prestigious Awards For  Young Performers.


2017 Scholarship Application

  • The scholarship fund will be based on the amount of award sponsors we receive.
  • The scholarship money received will be split in half, with 50% going to a female recipient and 50% going to a male recipient.
  • In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must be present at the awards gala, and also must submit their application to win the award no later than 10 days prior to the Gala.
  • The scholarship will be paid by the Joey Awards directly to the school/course/training of your choice. Must be a recognized acting or film program in Canada. If the scholarship is not requested to be used by August 31, 2018, it will be forfeited.

To Apply, please fill out the form below no later than November 8, 2017:

Tell us why you feel you deserve to win the scholarship?
What are your plans if you win the scholarship money?